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Shannon Ray

“I paint the landscapes that I live within. Up here the sky breathes, and sometimes settles very nicely on the ground. The paintings range from abstractions to literal depictions.

I am a painter’s painter. I am most interested in the paint films – application, abrasion, removal and manipulations. Although my work can seem very different from piece to piece, it’s really all about the paint – how I can push it - and my response when it surprises me.

Oregon and the Northwest has been my muse since before I ever landed here more than 3 decades ago. Where I grew up trees existed only if people planted them in their front yards. That’s probably why trees populate so much of my home and my paintings now.

I’ve raised my family here, and in turn, the region has raised my artwork. ”

- Shannon Ray

Shannon Ray

Our local Oregon artist, Shannon Ray, paints the beauty that surround her at her home and in the fields, vineyards and valleys of this beautiful state.

Shannon describes herself as a painter's painter and most interested in the paint and medium.

Artist Materials

  • Ceramic

Artist Methods

  • Hand Painted
  • Sublimation

Selected Works By Shannon Ray…View all Shannon Ray work

Roses and Rows

Roses and RowsPrice: $80.00

Tartans Pub View

Tartans Pub ViewPrice: $80.00

Vineyard Home

Vineyard HomePrice: $80.00

Morning Meadow

Morning MeadowPrice: $80.00

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