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Jean Pierre Weill

“People used to ask me: “What do you call this technique of painting on multiple levels of glass?”. It wasn’t until I provided a name, vitreography™ - a term I coined in 1992 - that they appeared satisfied.”

- Jean Pierre Weill

Jean Pierre Weill

Vitreography, originated by Jean Pierre Weill in 1991, is a process of drawing and painting on multiple levels of glass.

Jean Pierre Weill creates visual narratives and then suspends them in transparent fields of color and line. The lines rise to the status of something physical, which bids the viewer to enter into a world set apart. Effecting the sensation of motion, a “painted experience” is created, that travels a route between art and fun, between the serious and the comic, between eye, heart, and mind.

Artist Materials

  • Glass

Artist Methods

  • Glass - Painted

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Tree Of Life

Tree Of LifePrice: $98.00

Cranes In Winter

Cranes In WinterPrice: $98.00

Moonlight Dance

Moonlight DancePrice: $98.00

Paris Morning

Paris MorningPrice: $98.00

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